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bamboo massage

Now Offering Bamboo Massage Therapy

What is Bamboo Massage Therapy?
The technique uses warm bamboo sticks for deep tissue massage work. The bamboo tool allows the massage therapist to use less strength and stamina, making deep-tissue work easier.

During the massage, the bamboo sticks serve as an extension of the hands and the therapist can easily find tension and dissolve knots and trigger points. They are also used to knead and stretch muscles and fascia in all directions. The pressure can be as tight or as deep as necessary.

How is it different than regular massage?
This wonderful technique promotes a deep sense of well-being and delicious relaxation. Many clients report that the positive effects of the bamboo tools seem even longer lasting than deep tissue massage without the bamboo sticks.

What are the benefits?
Anyone who enjoys massage therapy, or requires it for healing, can benefit from bamboo fusion massage. The method allows the massage therapist to apply more pressure in an even manner over a large area, so patients who like deep-tissue work and harder massage pressure may prefer bamboo fusion massage.

Does it cost more?
The cost for a bamboo massage is $34 for 30 minutes, compared to $30 for a regular 30-minute massage, and $64 for 60 minutes, compared to $60 for a regular 60-minute massage.

How soon can I get in?
When booking your appointment, let the front desk know that you would like a bamboo massage instead of a regular massage.