Massage & Chiropractic Care

Massage and chiropractic care are complementary.When muscles are tight, constrictions are formed in the muscle causing the joints to be pulled out of alignment.This misalignment or subluxation of the joint can be treated under chiropractic care.With massage, that muscle tension can be relieved allowing for the constriction to be released.Muscles that are rid of tension allow for proper blood flow, encourage range-of-motion, and prevent muscle tension creating subluxations.With massage, muscles tension is encourage to release allowing for chiropractic to place the joint back into alignment.

Image a hook holding the top of a rubber band and another hook holding the bottom of that rubber band.If there is tightness or that rubber band is being pulled taught eventually it will pull one or both of the hooks off the wall.That is the same with the muscles and the attachment to joints in the body.Massage can help encourage the muscles to release that tension allowing to the joint to gain range- or – motion.

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